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For decades, HealthWay has been at the forefront of breakthroughs in indoor air quality, developing revolutionary solutions for all indoor air quality situations. Knowledge of IAQ will give you an advantage over your competition and better suit your customers. Pull away from the pack & discover what clean air can do for you.



Top Reasons To Become Healthway Dealer

Offer Homeowner Solutions

  • Indoor levels of pollutants may be 2-100x higher than that of outdoor levels.
  • Poor IAQ leads to harmful effects on human health.
  • 9 of 10 people worldwide do not breathe safe and healthy air

Exceptional Product Line

  • Patented DFS technology proved to remove and kill.
  • Products cover 500 to 1,000,000 sqft.
  • Highest level of filtration
  • Energy efficient solutions at low energy costs

Strong Business Support

  • Lead Generation Program
  • Sales Enablement Tools
  • Extended Warranty Upon Registration
  • Discounted First Purchase
  • In Depth Product Knowledge
  • Logo'd Apparel
  • Certificate, Stickers, Clings

The Economics of IAQ

  • Equipment sale not an add on - Lead with indoor air quality
  • Cost $1300 MSRP $3000+
  • Up to $1800 profit per unit sale
  • 50% margin
  • Repeat Business Opportunities
  • 1 a week = $86,000 + Residual

50% of Homeowners See Air Treatment as Necessary

According to Beyond Market Insights, the global Air Purifier Market was worth $13.17 billion in 2022 and is likely to grow to $25.10 billion by 2030.

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 50% of Homeowners See Air Treatment as Necessary


Modular, scalable, efficient air cleaning solutions for any environment

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Meet Your Next Top-Selling Product

The SuperV Whole Home air cleaner uses our DFS technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free air throughout the entire home. The industry-leading system provides greater than MERV 16 filtration efficiency with the pressure drop of a MERV 8 filter.

It is installed outside of the furnace's blower, resulting in lower pressure drop, and higher energy savings. This unit can be installed in both home and business locations.


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Developing the perfect audience will set your lead generation up for the most success and assure your marketing dollars are well spent. By tapping into our A.I. custom audience, you can expect a better lead generation campaign for a lower cost.

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Design, launch, & manage digital ads directly in our portal to high-intent audiences. Choose from A.I.-generated ads or create custom campaigns for full flexibility. You don't have to be an expert marketer; with Ads Manager, you can launch effective campaigns and convert more leads.

 50% of Homeowners See Air Treatment as Necessary

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You will have the ability to professionally install the best-in-class air purification solutions into your customer's home.

Join our discussion on indoor air quality and discover what air purification can do for you.

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